At Jernan Septic and Rainwater Solutions, we are dedicated to “getting it right the first time.”  We can install all types of septic systems that are approved for use in the State of Texas.

Septic systems have a number of requirements that must be met prior to installation.  Different counties can have different regulations.  Our reputation with regulators in all of our local counties is second to none.  Regulators know that when they visit a Jernan job they are going to see excellence in action.

“Good Enough,” just isn’t good enough for us.  At Jernan Construction we build septic systems that suit the individual house hold.  We build systems larger than the state minimum requirements.   We want our customers to be as satisfied with their septic system on high flow days as they are on low flow days.

On established sites, we are very low impact and avoid any more disruption to property than necessary.  We clean up after ourselves and leave a job site ready for the planting of grass seed or sod.  We would be glad to perform the service of planting vegetation and landscaping around the system should the customer be so inclined.

We have an outstanding customer base with over 500 installations under our belts, our performance is unparalleled in the industry, and you can feel confident knowing that your installation was “A Jernan Job.”

When looking for the right guys for your job, look to us.  We give our customers the best, even when they don’t request it.  We look forward to having you in the Jernan family.