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Service Agreements

At Jernan Septic and Rainwater Solutions, we offer service agreements for all types of septic systems.

Aerobic Systems-All aerobic systems must have a service agreement.  The service agreement must be with a Registered Basic Maintenance Provider company.  In some counties, homeowners can perform their own routine maintenance.  Regulations vary from county to county.

The contract includes 3 inspections to be performed every three months.  We inspect all aspects of the system including: cleaning and/or replacing air filters on compressors at every inspection, checking all electrical circuits, distribution system, solids levels in each accessible chamber, chlorine residual in the pump tank and inspecting  for any potential problems.  We leave a notice on-site ensuring you that we have been to your residence to perform our service.  Notices will inform you of any issues that are present with the system as well as any potential problems that we may discover.  The notification of potential problems lets you prepare for any future repair expenses prior to the problem event.

Prior to contracting, we prefer the opportunity to visit the site and make site specific suggestions to ensure that the system is performing at its peak ability.

We can perform routine maintenance on all other types of systems, contract prices would be based on a site specific basis.

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