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At JerNan Septic and Rainwater Solutions we are dedicated to the client and their needs and are happy to tailor our services, whenever possible.  We understand at times that a client may have the Do It Yourself capability and we desire to fulfill a role in that area.

 We offer design and consultation services to assist you in building your own rainwater system.  We can also provide a baseline for your wastewater system, so that when seeking bids for install, you are comparing like products or, if you desire to install your own system, you have a professional design in order to obtain permitting.

Pricing on these products is job specific and would require a site visit.

If you’re looking to DIY the right way, look no further than JerNan Septic and Rainwater Solutions for a solid place to start.

Do It Yourself areas include but are not limited to:

Rainwater Harvesting:

  • System sizing
  • Tank placement
  • Pre-filtration
  • Post-filtration
  • Pump sizing
  • Distribution method
  • Flow rate calculation 
  • Conveyance system construction 
  • Water usage audit 
  • Potable system components
  • Rain barrel placement 
  • Garden systems 
  • Storm water management 
  • Drainage systems 
  • Flood control 


Septic Systems:

  • Pre-install site evaluation
  • Installation consultation and trouble-shooting
  • Consultation on regulatory requirements 
  • Support and advising through the inspecting process