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About Us

Not just a business but a collaboration of individuals working
to make the environment a cleaner, healthier one.


In addition to
environmental change,
we believe passionately
in family, home
cooked food, great
music, supporting our
community, and that
we ultimately belong

Our Story:

In 1997, Jerry had been working as a contractor and realized he wanted to focus his time and energy on one facet of the construction industry. It started as a one-man show dedicated to quality, environment compliance, and the determination to become the most respectable Waste Water Treatment System installer in the Central Texas area.
Luke returned from Lubbock and joined the team in 2002 transforming JerNan into a Father and Son team: a true family business. They became a powerhouse in the Waste Water Treatment industry with an excellent reputation with legislators, vendors, and their customers. As they were making a name for themselves in the Waste Water Treatment industry, Luke was becoming increasingly passionate about water and our environment. He became an Accredited Rainwater Harvesting Professional and added Rainwater Catchment Systems to their product offerings. JerNan Construction was the first in the Central Texas community to offer Rainwater Catchment Systems and to date, Luke is the only Accredited Professional in Central Texas. Thus, Jernan Septic & Rainwater Solutions was born!
As a small business, we
take our customer and
vendor relationships
When you work with
us, you are part of our
While Luke was chasing rain, Jerry was growing the company in a different, yet equally important direction. Even the most efficient septic systems require pumping every few years and adding a pumping service to JerNan’s service menu was a natural move. They purchased a state-of-the-art pump truck and A+ Pumping came into being.
JerNan Septic & Rainwater Solutions, A+ Pumping, and JerNan Construction are the most educated and innovative water processing business in the area. Luke has been featured in local newspapers, magazines, and television stations as the community’s resident rain water catchment expert.
JerNan Septic and Rainwater Solutions and A+ Pumping are part of JerNan Construction. We are the top-notch provider of Wastewater Treatment (Septic) Systems and Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the Central Texas area. We love what we do, it’s who we are and has been part of our family for almost 20 years.

Who We Are:

Luke Snyder - JerNan Septic & Rainwater Solutions  

Luke Snyder

A bearded outdoorsman and Texas Tech alum, Luke is the face of the business. You might find him working on his rain garden, hunting, or spreading the message about water conservation.  He is always learning and is truly passionate about water and is always seeking the newest and most innovative ways to keep nature in our world.

Jerry Snyder - JerNan Septic & Rainwater Solutions  

Jerry Snyder

An energetic and dedicated family man, Jerry is the Father of Jernan. He is the foundation of the “Do It Right” mentality and has ensured the unconditional commitment to integrity and quality. Jerry has been a TOWA (Texas Onsite Wastewater Association) Board Member for more than a decade and has been instrumental in outlining and ensuring the proper enforcement of laws protecting the world in which we live.

Jerry Snyder - JerNan Septic & Rainwater Solutions  

Nancy Snyder

A gentle spirited yet hardworking mother to Luke and wife to Jerry, Nancy is the well-oiled engine that powers Jernan. It is unlikely to see her as part of marketing aspects although her touch is evident in the professionalism of the company. You will unlikely find her in the dirt on the job although you might at home. She, too, loves the outdoors and spends a lot of valuable time gardening and caring for her two grandsons.


Our goal is to create work that is honest. Let’s work together!